The Inkululeko social enterprise unit in Makhanda, South Africa launched in early 2016, thanks to seed funding from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust. The Rotary Club of Makhanda and Ntsika Secondary also supported the unit by donating a large storage container we’re repurposing as a home base for a portion of our social enterprise work. The idea for this social enterprise unit came out of a collaborative entrepreneurship course with the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.

Common Grounds Café

In the past year, we have been excited to expand our social enterprises to Common Grounds Café. Prior to the opening of Common Grounds, there were very limited opportunities for young people to engage, positively, in the environment they live in.

While there are many bars, there are no playgrounds.

While there are many liquor stores, there are few cafés.

The township community we operate in is laden with untapped potential. Having a safe, inviting space for young people – and created by young people – to come, have (sober and drug free) fun while playing a board game, participating in a soccer tournament, or going online are badly needed in the community we operate in.

Common Grounds is designed to:

  1. Build community
  2. Increase opportunities for healthy, outdoor activities
  3. Contribute to a more equitable Grahamstown
  4. Create a space to build business skills
  5. Make our organization sustainable

What else is happening?

Currently, the organization sells roosterkoek - a grilled South African bread to local residents as well as fresh pressed juice. The profits generated go back to support Inkululeko - the nonprofit. We’re also looking to expand in the next year to have a printing and copy center - services that people currently have to walk 8-10 km for.

Lets Collaborate Lets Collaborate Lets Collaborate Lets Collaborate

We're looking for help!

Our social enterprise unit is just beginning. In the work we have started with Common Grounds and our other social enterprise branches, we’ve begun the process of building a dynamic, responsive, responsible small business that generates revenue for Inkululeko and serves the local community. Come join us!

Interested in collaborating? Fill out this form or email Jason Torreano for more information.